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Why did you choose adoption?

How did you choose to adopt from India?

When will you bring home your child?

How much does adoption cost?

Are you infertile?

Do you have a child identified?

This is a long answer, so check out our blog post here (link).

We thought carefully about the different requirements of the various countries, population of waiting children, and the cultures we could confidently and realistically integrate into our home before choosing a country. We have many friends and professionals in our life that are Indian (so our child would have "racial mirrors" that they would see regularly), there is an Indian population in our neighborhood with nearby Indian markets and restaurants, there's a university nearby with a large Indian student population, and we both really love the Indian culture! The Indian program at our agency is strong and stable, so there are numerous India-adoptive families in our community as well. India's adoption programs work hard to place children in families within their country and culture, and then look for international homes as a last option-- which is important. 

You can check out the "Timeline" tab to see exactly where we are in this process! We started the adoption in April 2020 and were home study approved in October 2020. Typically families in the India program wait 3-12 months for a referral (to be matched with a child) after they submit their dossier and then wait 7-11 months after that to travel. Most families stay in country for 2-3 weeks before bringing the child home. 

The cost depends a lot on the country you adopt from. If you are interested in learning more, you can check out this info sheet. We are planning to pay for most of our fees out of pocket, apply for a few grants, and then fundraise for travel fees. If you are interested in contributing, you can check out our fundraising page.

Not that we know of. We just want to build our family this way first.

As of 12/5/2021, we are matched with the sweetest little fourteen month old girl. She was born super early but is doing remarkably well!

What questions did we miss?

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What agency are you using?

Children's Home/Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota

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