Why Adoption?

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

For us, adoption isn’t a new idea, a hard decision, or a contingency plan; adoption is something we’ve both imagined and felt right about even before we met each other seven years ago.

Miranda does not remember a time that she did not want to adopt. When a social worker visited her house prior to her parents adopting the first of their two sons from China, the social worker asked what she thought about adoption. The then-12-year-old Miranda responded by saying that she believed she would also adopt one day. Miranda’s conviction and desire to build her family through adoption has only grown in response to being a big sister to adopted siblings, volunteering as a youth mentor, working as an adoption social worker and pregnancy counselor, and now as a child protection social worker.

Collin’s experience in college included involvement in a campus ministry that emphasized multiculturalism and serving international students. Through this ministry, he traveled to a third world country to learn and serve for a summer. This experience opened Collin’s eyes to the populations in need, including orphans in institutional care. Collin believes that as a Christian, the idea of adoption feels personal and important, since according to the Gospel, God has loved and adopted us into his family.

We have decided to build our family first through adoption. We have always known that we would adopt someday, and we want our adopted children to know that they are our “plan A”: that they are loved and chosen.

The phrase “finding families for children, rather than children for families” shifts our focus onto what the purpose is and where the need is for adoption. There are thousands of families waiting to adopt infants in the US, all while there are millions of children waiting to be adopted through the US foster care system and internationally. As soon as we considered international adoption, it felt like a natural fit. We are young and adaptable people who love to travel and learn about other cultures. We are wanting to grow our family, but also fill a need by adopting a child who would otherwise not have a home, such as a child in an orphanage.

We are excited to be adopting a child from India and to be integrating Indian culture into our home. We have good friends from India and resources in our community to support a child from that culture. We can't wait!!!

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